Saturday, January 7, 2012

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

We love Charlie Brown movies at our house. This year we want to have a Charlie Brown themed Thanksgiving.

But you can't just have a Charlie Brown themed Thanksgiving on the last minute. It will take one whole year of planning. Really? Yes. So whenever I see any Charlie Brown themed items I am going to pick them up and put them in a special box. So far I have bought some Charlie Brown post-its from the Target dollar section.

Happiness is.....Having someone who listens. How sweet. These will go in the party favor bag.

I bought a bunch of these Charlie Brown themed wooden coloring projects on super sale at Michael's and they were .89 each.

I could use these for the party favor bags or a Thanksgiving Day project.

This one is my favorite — when Charlie Brown kicks the football.

 I will post Charlie Brown items that I find throughout the year. Does anyone else want to have a Charlie Brown themed Thanksgiving?