Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pink and White Animal Crackers

Today I made some homemade pink and white chocolate covered animal crackers.

I used the Trader Joe's brand of organic Animal Crackers. I am a sucker for all things "organic" especially when I am going to cover my organic item with chocolate and sprinkles.

You will need some white chocolate melts.

And some pink candy melts.

And some rainbow nonpareils. I bought everything I needed at Michael's craft store.

I put the animal crackers on some parchment paper and started dipping and sprinkling.

Once the chocolate has set - you can cut away the excess.

The pink is my favorite.

Once everything is dry you can package them in little bags and tie with ribbon. This would be really cute to make for a baby shower. And if the baby is a boy you could do blue and white animal crackers. I also think this would be a fun lunch box treat.

I put a big bowl of my homemade animal crackers on my kitchen island - how long do you think they will last?