Friday, July 1, 2011


I made some Firecrackers out of Rolo's. I used to make Firecrackers out of Lifesavers - I guess I haven't made this craft for 5 or 6 years because I could not find a roll of Lifesavers anywhere! Lifesavers are now in the candy aisle in bags. After speaking to several store employees - they said that they only carry rolls of Lifesavers in holiday boxes during the Christmas holiday. Who knew? Since I had recently used Rolo's to make pencils I decided to use them for my Firecracker project.

If you see rolls of Lifesavers any where - please let me know.

The first step is to slowly and carefully take the wrappers off the Rolo.

Now use a Rolo wrapper as a pattern to cut out some wrapping or scrapbook paper.

Find some wrapping paper or scrapbook paper and cut them out to size.

You could also need some fun little sparklers and twirlers.

You could also make your own twirlers by using a bunch of curling ribbon.

This is a fun and safe Firecracker. Tape the twirlers to the top of the Rolo, then wrap the Rolo with the scrapbook paper. Use double stick tape to adhere the scrapbook paper. So easy.

So I made a bunch of Firecrackers and put them in a cute bucket in the middle of my table. This makes a super cute centerpiece, party favor or a unique place card.

I love Fireworks! Happy Fourth of July!