Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Heart Lollipops Made with Candy Canes

Every so often I get called to substitute teach an afternoon Religion class. I almost always bring a little bribe for good behavior. Yesterday I bought some mini candy canes at Target. I bought the fruity primary colored candy canes and some red and white candy canes to use for Valentine's Day.

This box of 60 candy canes (which will make 30 lollipops) was on super sale at 70% off. So I think I paid sixty cents!


Box of mini candy canes

Parchment paper

Lollipop sticks

Small plastic bags

Coordinating ribbon


Preheat your oven to 250 degrees. Lay a piece of parchment paper on top of a cookie sheet. Lay the candy canes in a heart formation with a lollipop stick.

Bake the candy cane lollipops for 3 to 5 minutes. Watch them carefully. Mine took 4 minutes. Take them out of the oven and squeeze the lollipop stick and top of heart - so that the stick is firmly in place.

It will take the lollipops a few minutes to set - then they can be packed into the little bags and tied with a ribbon. 

This would be a fun birthday party favor! I used to make the Valentine ones for the classroom and sports teams. I also like to pass them out to neighbors.

Get your mini candy canes on sale this week!