Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Popsicle Stick Sled Ornaments

I made 50 of these little sleds for Meals on Wheels. They can put them on a coffee table, mantle or end table as a little decoration. When I started making these the weather was rainy and really cold. Now we are experiencing warm weather.  January, go figure! They were really easy to make - just many steps!

These sleds would look adorable tied onto Christmas packages.


colored popsicle sticks

wooden popsicle sticks

half size wooden popsicle sticks

metallic silver paint

paint brush

glue gun, glue

silver cord, twine or ribbon

winter themed stickers

cellophane bags


Buy the colored popsicle sticks - then you don't have to paint them!

 Layout the colored popsicle sticks in a sled pattern.

Use  a very small amount of hot glue between each popsicle stick. 

Paint the wooden popsicle sticks and half size popsicle sticks in the metallic silver paint on both sides.

Hot glue the half size silver painted sticks near the top and bottom of the sleigh. Then hot glue the blades on and let set.

The last step includes adding a coordinating sticker and glueing a piece of twine or cord to make a loop.

I made these sleds in every color and I was thinking how cute they will look on my tree next year. 

I was originally thinking about cutting some mitten shapes out of polka dot and striped scrapbook paper and Modge Podging the mittens to the sled. Maybe I will make the mittens when I make these again in December!

So I ended using some snowflake and snowman stickers to decorate the sleds.

I started lightly sanding some sleds to give them a distressed look.

I think the red sleds are my favorite. 

Even though Christmas is over I still enjoy making ornaments! I hope that the Meals on Wheels recipients enjoy these little sleds.

This would be a good project for classroom or craft group.

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