Friday, January 30, 2015

Snowman Pins for Meals on Wheels

I started making these snowman pins for Meals on Wheels during a cold weather week and now it is sunny and warm! These pins are actually taking me a long time to make - so I think after I am finished making 50 pins and packaging them - I might save them for November.

So far I have finished about 15 pins. These could easily be made into Christmas ornaments by sewing a ribbon loop at the top of the snowman between the two pieces of felt. The supply list for this project is simple and older children should be able to help with some of the steps.


White felt

Orange felt

Round cookie cutter

Blue traceable pen

Black, white and orange embroidery  thread

Embroidery needles


Sharp scissors

Cotton balls


Using a round cookie cutter (mine was 1 1/2 inches round) trace with the blue traceable pen two circles for every snowman you want to make. Carefully cut the circles out. You could also trace a shot or juice glass.

On the front circle you will make eyes and a mouth with black embroidery thread.

Next cut a tiny to orange triangle and sew it on with orange thread.

On the back piece of felt sew on the pin.

You can buy the pins at any craft or fabric store. At craft stores they are often in the bead section.

With white thread sew the front and back pieces together. Before sewing completely add a cotton ball. I stretch the cotton ball out a little so that it fills the entire circle.

I have been doing this in batches - I sew about 10 fronts then 10 backs and then sew together. When I am finished with all of them I will try to think of a fun packing idea.