Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Red, White and Blue Necklaces for Meals on Wheels

I make a little treat each month for Meals on Wheels. So each month depending on the holiday I make a little craft that they add to the meal. While I watch the French Open I have been making these Red, White and Blue necklaces. They are for the 4th of July treat. So far I have made 26 necklaces and need to make 24 more!

I think I have a good idea on how to package these once they are all completed. Kids can make these for friends and family! You will just need a few supplies.

The red and blue pony beads can be found at any craft store. Remember to use a coupon!

You will also need some paper straws. I bought my paper straws at Michael's. I have also noticed that they have paper straws at a lot of party stores. The paper straws should be cut into little pieces to make beads.

I used this silver elastic beading thread. I found it next to the pony beads at Michael's.

Make each necklace long enough to loop over someone's head.

I think the Meals on Wheels recipients will really like these necklaces. My mom told me that one of the crafts that they liked the most was the "Super Bowl" ring that I made back in January and that her charitable group just gave Meals on Wheels over a thousand dollars.

Check back in a week and I will post how I packaged the necklaces. It is fun to get something in a cute package!