Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I Refinished my Outdoor Teak Furniture

My outdoor teak furniture was looking blah and tired. I was going to get some new chair pads but what I really needed to do was refinish all of my teak outdoor furniture. I called a few teak refinishing companies and I felt that the prices were way to high, So I decided to do it myself. But I am such a wimp - that I did this project in small batches.

The first batch was 2 chairs, a coffee table and a tray table. The second batch was 4 chairs.
The third and final batch was the table, 2 chairs and a bench.

Each batch was a long tedious process. First each piece of teak must be throughly cleaned with TSP and a scrub brush. Then wait for the teak to dry and sand every inch of the furniture. Hose off the teak to remove the sand shavings. Then wait for the teak to dry and finally each piece gets two coats of teak oil.

I am sharing some before and after pictures.

The transformation is really fantastic and just took a couple hundred dollars and a ton of elbow grease.

I still haven't bought new chair pads or an umbrella. I have been looking around and I will post the final pictures with chair pads in a few weeks.

FYI - when you are using the TSP - don't hose off the TSP residue near your grassy areas - I accidentally  killed quite a bit of grass. I talked to my gardener and he somehow fixed the problem and the grass has started turning from brown to green again.

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These are the chairs we sit it when we supervise the kids while they make s'mores.

Another FYI is that teak oil can stain your patio cement /stone. Use a drop cloth!!!

I also refinished the bench from the from yard - but I couldn't find  a before picture of the bench. But you guessed it - it was gray and tired.

Now I want to buy new flowers for the terra cotta pots. So as I said earlier I will post the final pictures in a few weeks. I just don't have the energy to re-plant the pots this week!