Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My New Favorite Heart Sachets

I have been fooling around with different combinations of felt hearts. This is my new favorite combination. The bright blue and emerald green felt with white embroidery thread.

For this project you will need:

2 colors of felt

black pen

2 different sized heart cookie cutters


embroidery thread

good sized needle

dried lavender 

Each sachet will need two large hearts and one small heart in a contrasting color. Trace the cookie cutters with the black pen on the felt and cut them out with sharp scissors.

Sew the contrasting felt heart onto one of the large hearts. Before the small heart is completely sewn add a little bit of dried lavender.

Now sew the two large hearts together with the little heart attached to the front and before the large hearts are completely sewn together add some more dried lavender.

I have just used a simple running stitch - but I have noticed some of the felt projects on Pinterest are using blanket stitches. So this week I am planning on trying to teach myself the blanket stitch.

Although I am partial to this running stitch. It is so simple and I can sew the running stitch while I watch the French Open. And the French Open starts this weekend yeah!