Friday, March 21, 2014

Need For Speed Party Gift

Christian was invited to a birthday party and they are going to see "Need for Speed" at Cinepolis. So you know I always present a gift card on a big piece of cardboard!

Since they are going to see "Need for Speed" I made the theme of the gift - racing.

I wrapped a piece of cardboard  (from a 24 pack of water) in black wrapping paper. And each of the different sized candy bars in white wrapping paper. I added the little flag toothpicks to each candy bar.

In between the candy bars I added a "hot wheel" but I cut the "hot wheel" cardboard off the car. I didn't want the gift to look juvenile.

The candy bars and car were taped on to the black wrapped cardboard.

When Christian gets home I am going to have him sign the card, the gift card and write his friends name on the front of the envelope. Then I will tape the envelope with the gift card inside onto the black wrapped cardboard.

I hope this idea inspired you the next time you buy a gift card for a gift!