Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Valentine Hearts Made From Old Book Pages

I have seen various Christmas ornaments made from old book pages and I wanted to make some for Valentine decorations.

Wouldn't these make cute decorations for your book club meeting?

For this project you will need:

 Old book pages

Heart shaped cookie cutter


Red embroidery thread

Red marker

Large embroidery needle

Cotton balls

Small heart shaped button


Trace a bunch of hearts with your cookie cutter and a red marker onto the old book pages. Cut out the hearts.

Thread your embroidery needle with a long strand (using all six threads) slowly and carefully using a running stitch start stitching the two hearts together. You must be very careful when sewing paper that you don't rip the paper.

Once your heart is 75% sewn together add a cotton ball between the two hearts and finish sewing the heart.

Sew the little button at the top of the heart.

These would make a cute garland.

I found making these really relaxing.