Sunday, January 20, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr. Cookies

                        Martin Luther King, Junior   1929 - 1968

His name lives on as a symbol of civil rights, freedom and determination. In honor of Martin Luther King day (January 21st) I made some cookies to commemorate his most famous speech "I have a Dream."

I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe and cut out the needed letters with my ABC cookie cutter set.

And here are some baked initial cookies.

I decided to use light blue melted chocolate and use pearl sprinkles to make some dream themed cookies.

I just applied the melted chocolate to the cookies with a small appetizer knife.

And here are my cookies in honor of Martin Luther King day! My son and I are going to visit my Dad tomorrow - he hasn't been feeling well. Then he has basketball practice at 1 p.m. My husband is working tomorrow from home - do you think he will eat the cookies while we are gone?