Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Valentine Hearts Filled With m&m's

Today I made some Valentine hearts filled with m&m's. I made them while I watched the Australian Open. I am sad that Maria Sharapova lost today she is my favorite player.

To make this project you will need -

Heart paper dollies

Red embroidery floss

Valentine themed m&m's


Large needle

Little heart doodad

I started sewing around the heart - it was easy to do because of perorations.

Once the heart is almost completely stitched add a few small handfuls of m&m's. Then continue sewing. Going back around and sewing each and every perforation.

Once they have been finished you can add a little doodad or sticker to the top of the heart.

I bought the dollies and embroidery thread at Michael's. The m&m's were from Target and the doodad are from Hobby Lobby.

These would be cute classroom treats - however they take a while to make so if you decide to make them for the classroom or sports team - start early (like tomorrow)!