Monday, October 29, 2012

New Playroom Decor or How the Playroom Became a Man Cave

When we moved into the house we currently live - my daughter was 10 and my son was 3. So the playroom was decorated for tween girls. My son played downstairs in the family room.

So now my daughter is away at college and my son is going to be thirteen in a few months. So I am finally going to redecorate the play room for teenage boys. It will no longer be a playroom - it will be a "Man Cave,"

Here are the before and after pictures of the playroom.

The white armoire houses the television, Play-station 3, Xbox and games and DVD's.

Next to the armoire is a desk.

Here is a close up of the desk.

This is a picture of the bench/bookcase under the window. The black thing in the left corner is a game chair.

The girl colored sofa! The walls are painted yellow.

Another view of the sofa.

Another view of the end table.

My husband repainted the room - he hasn't painted a room for 20 years. We have been using professional painters. He recently told me his painting days are over. What painting days? You painted two  rooms! The last room he painted was my daughters nursery- she is now 19!

I bought a new love seat, pillows, lamps, clock and reframed the pictures with black frames.

I took the blue striped pad off the bench. I added a basket on top for extra cords and game controllers. I also put all of his game balls in a big jar.

I wonder what happened to the corner of this photo?

The basketball and baseball trophies are now on top of the armoire.

The desk got a new lamp and desk blotter.

In looking back at the beginning pictures - this was the room that needed a makeover! Christian loves his new playroom! Oops! I meant he loves his new "Man Cave."

I still need to add a picture above his desk and perhaps a picture above the sofa. I still have a few projects that I am working on - like framing his TOC pins in a shadow box. And I am also thinking of making a collage with all of our sports tickets to hang in the "Cave."

I will try to post some pictures of the ticket collage and TOC pin shadow box. TOC is a baseball tournament - where the first place team in each city plays each other and they exchange city pins.