Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Beware! Witch Warts - Toxic!

Beware. Today I packaged up some Toxic Witch Warts.  However, they are fat free and super sour.

Using a 50% off coupon I bought these cute little jars in the wedding section at Michaels. They were originally $19.00. So I bought them for only $10.

I also bought these skull and bones glitter stickers on sale  (40% off) - they were just  a dollar.

After I picked out my stickers - I found some matching ribbon also on a 40% sale. The ribbon came out to $2.39 a spool.

I was looking for a green candy - I couldn't find the right color of green candy. So I was thinking about filling them with black or red candy. Despite all of the Halloween candy every where I could not find what I was looking for! GRRR! Then I found these round little Lemonheads. I thought they could be rotten teeth or something sort of gross.

I put the skull glitter sticker on top of the jar. I made a little Witch Warts stickers on the computer and glued the skull ribbon around the bottom of the jar. Because skull and bones ribbon shouldn't be tied into a bow! Duh!

So to recap exactly what you need:

Little jars

Skull stickers

Skull ribbon

Little candies



Hot glue

I think my Witch Warts came out really cute. They would be great party favors, classroom, team or neighbor treats.

I hope this post inspires you to make some gross little treats. Happy Halloween! And Bone Appetit!