Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Treats for A Game Truck Party

One of my son's friends was having a little summertime Game Truck party. It wasn't a birthday party. So I offered to bring some little treats for the boys. I made these small candy bars in about a forty-five minutes.

I used snack sized Hershey and Kit Kat bars. Yum! I love Hershey and Kit Kat bars! Who doesn't?

You can buy the snack sized candy bars at any grocery store, Target or drug store. They come in packages of 8.

I simply wrapped the snack sized candy bars in silver wrapping paper. Then I found a picture of a game controller and sized it to fit the candy bar.

I used a piece of double stick tape to attach the game controller to the candy bar.

It is hard to think of treats for 12 year old boys! Hope this helps!