Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Mini Chicken Tarts for After the Tennis Match

I was unsure if we were going to have a tennis match yesterday morning. But we played - it was super windy. I organize the after team lunches for the Captain of the team. I said that I would bring mini chicken tarts. However, it was raining and super windy - so I decided to use my Whole Foods frozen phyllo cups and ran to Trader Joes before the match and bought some chicken salad.

I stock up on these mini shells. They are in the Frozen section at Whole Foods. They are so handy to have in your freezer. 

I picked up three different kinds of chicken salad at Trade Joes.

The curry chicken salad is garnished with rosemary, the wine country chicken salad is garnished with a pecan and the standard chicken salad is garnished with two chives. This took me about 10 minutes to make 36 mini tarts! 

It was super cold and windy during our tennis match! I am subbing for a team on Thursday and have a rain makeup on Friday - I have checked the weather and it should be a lot nicer toward the end of the week!