Monday, November 30, 2015

Substitute Teaching 1st Grade Religion Class This Week

This week I am substitute teaching a 1st grade religion class. We are going to learn about Advent. But I also thought it would be fun for them to learn about Mother Teresa and St. Nick. And I made little crafts and snacks to reinforce the lessons.

Each child will get a Mother Teresa coloring sheet. 

I made each child a little Mother Teresa peg doll. And we are going to learn some fun facts about Mother Teresa.

She will be canonized in September 2016. We are also going to learn about how one becomes a Saint.

Each child will also get a St. Nick coloring sheet. We will also learn some fun facts about St. Nick.

Everyone will get a St. Nick candy bar. I found the St. Nick candy bar wrappers on the on the it is a fantastic website with craft ideas for all ages. 

I printed the candy bar wrappers to use on snack sized Hershey bars.

I simply cut the little wrapper out and taped it arounf the Hershey bar.