Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Witches Broom Pens for Meals on Wheels

Supply List:

Pens with black lids

Washi tape in orange and black designs


Transparent tape
Hot glue and glue gun

Sharp scissors

I bought the pens at Target. But they can be purchased at any drugstore or office supply store.

I purchased the orange tape at Michael's and the black tape at Hobby Lobby. 

The raffia is also from Hobby Lobby.

The first step is to remove the end cap and cut a piece of tape almost to the end of the pen to the top of the pen - pressing lightly. Then cut another piece the same size and press it on the other side of the pen. Put the lid back on and keep going until all of your pens are wrapped in tape. This step took awhile since I am making 50 pens.

Now I add the raffia to the end of each pen with tape. This can get tricky and sticky. 

Lay a 3-inch piece of tape with the sticky side facing up and start adding 3 to 4-inch pieces of raffia.

Carefully roll the tape several times around the top of the pen.

Cut another piece of raffia about 5-inches long and glue gun it around the end of the raffia. It adds that little extra piece of the broom.

Here is a closeup of the top of the brooms.

I am going to package these pens in plastic pretzel bags. Hopefully I will remember to post a picture of the packaging. 

But if you were going to make them for a party, school or team party favor they would look cute in a basket or bowl.