Saturday, September 5, 2015

Watermelon, Peach, Tomato Salad

After tennis or a long morning walk - I like to make this light and refreshing salad.

I used heirloom cherry tomatoes - but you could use cherry or grape tomatoes.

I simply chop the watermelon into bite sized cubes, wash and chop the tomatoes in half or quarters and peel the peaches and chop into bite sized pieces.

I garnished today with some chopped chives and a side of mint. But you could also garnish with chopped basil or flat leaf parsley.

If you are making the salad earlier in the day add a squeeze of lime or lemon juice.  

Also if you need the salad to be a little sweeter - add a tablespoon of honey. There is no recipe for this salad. Add more watermelon if you love watermelon! Make the salad for just yourself or for your family and friends! It is light and refreshing!