Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Peace Sign Hershey Bars

Today I am substitute teaching my favorite 5th grade Religion class. I mentioned in the peace Sign necklace post that I am using the Peace Sign to reinforce the message that Jesus says to his disciples after the Resurrection. Jesus says to them, "Peace be with you." So I wrapped some Hershey bars in bright colored scrapbook paper. I added Peace sign stickers and glued on some Peace sign beads. I think they came out super cute.

I used the standard size Hershey bar. But the Hershey bars come in a snack size and jumbo size. Another flat candy bar that is fun to wrap is the Kit Kat bar. These bars could be made for team, classroom treats or a birthday party favor. Scrapbook paper comes in every color and you can find stickers or beads in almost any theme.

Once you get your candy bars - cut out a pattern out of plain white paper. Then cut out the scrapbook paper and tape the scrapbook paper around the candy bar.

The stickers and beads really make the candy bars look fun. But you could add flower or baseball stickers - whatever you or your child would enjoy.

I think my 5th graders will really like this treat! Peace be with you!