Friday, August 29, 2014

Tennis Ball Sachets - Good Luck Treats for My Tennis Team

I made some tennis ball sachets. These will be good luck treats for my tennis team - our first matches are in two weeks. They can be put in tennis bags, linen cabinets, lingerie drawers or a suitcase. Basically they can be put anywhere that you want to smell pretty and fresh.


Yellow felt

Round cookie cutter

Black pen

White embroidery thread 

Embroidery needle


Dried lavender

Cellophane bags

Coordinating ribbon

Tennis ball sticker


Using your circle cookie cutter or a round glass - trace circles onto the yellow felt.

Carefully cut out the circles. You will need two circles for each sachet.

On half of the felt circles stitch the white lines of a tennis ball. These will be the top of the sachet.

Now stitch the top circle with the white tennis lines to the bottom blank piece of felt.

Before the tennis ball is sewn shut — add some dried lavender and continue sewing the tennis ball shut.

You should be able to buy dried lavender at any craft store or online.

Once all of the tennis balls are filled with dried lavender and sewn shut - it is time to package them!

I thought I had some yellow ribbon in my ribbon drawer. But I could not find any yellow ribbon. So I decided to use black ribbon. It makes a nice contrast with the yellow tennis ball.

I actually found some yellow tennis ball stickers while I was looking for ribbon. So I put the tennis ball sticker on an index card and cut around it and using double stick tape I adhered the sticker to the middle of the bow.

These can be made for any sport! I made these while I was watching the US Open. I am hoping that my favorites win - Roger and Maria.