Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Halloween Themed Movie Theatre Candy

I took some Raisinets movie theatre sized boxes - but they make all your favorite candy in movie theatre size. The boxes are easy to wrap.

For this project you will need scrapbook paper, wrapping paper and/or construction paper in orange, black, yellow, red and brown. I happened to have a lot of orange and black. You will also need scotch tape and Halloween stickers.

Check your paper supplies before you start this project - you might have some construction or wrapping paper that would work. Scrapbook paper goes on sale all the time.

Once the box is wrapped with two types of paper - I cut out a large circle and small circle. Tape the two circles together and add your sticker to the middle of the smaller circle.

I am thinking about wrapping a bunch of m&m movie theatre boxes for my son's baseball team. But I need to check with him first - I don't want to be embarrassing.

 I think this is an easy and fun project - for the classroom, sports team, a party favor or neighbor gift. 

Keep checking back - because I have a ton of fun Halloween ideas! News flash - it would be okay to make Halloween boxes of m&m's for Christian's baseball team!