Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rope Tin Can Vases - Easy DIY

Everyday my husband goes to Home Depot.  I am making dinner and he yells at me that he is going to Home Depot - he will be right back.

We are packing up to go to the beach - and he yells at me that he is going to Home Depot and he will be right back.

He comes home from work with a Home Depot bag. What does he buy? I do not know or care. But I saw some cute rope vases, tin cans and coasters on Pinterest made from twine/rope. So.......the next time he shouted at me that he was running to Home Depot - I asked him to bring me home some heavy twine.

For this project you will need:

Twine (from Home Depot!)

Tin cans - labels removed and cleaned

Glue gun - glue sticks


A piece of cardboard or a paper plate

Start at the bottom and glue a piece of twine and keep wrapping the twine around and gluing every so often. Then I wrap around again. I did this on a large piece of cardboard - so that I wouldn't make a big mess on my table or countertop.

I made three rope can vases in about 30 minutes and used up all of the twine. No worries my husband will be going to Home Depot again tomorrow and I can ask him to get me a few more rolls of twine.

I decided to fill my vases with Sunflowers. I saw some beautiful Sunflowers today at Sprouts and decided that they would look cute for a Labor Day BBQ.

Don't these look cute? These would make wonderful party favors for your guests to take home.

I hope you have a fun filled Labor Day weekend!