Saturday, December 24, 2011

Last Minute Ideas

I always do everything on the last minute at Christmas. Every other holiday - I am super organized. However, despite my best intentions I am always doing little crafts at the very last minute for Christmas. Next year I will be organized is always one of my Resolutions.

Remember the pearls I used to make the pearl ornaments?

Well, I had a ton of extra pearls. What to do? I put them on bobby pins and put the bobby pins on construction paper.

I bought a pack of sixty bobby pins and it took me about an hour to add the pearls, cut the paper and put six bobby pins on each paper to make ten little treats. A fun stocking stuffer or party favor.

Then I made some Snowman S'more kits. We all know how to make these - I make them for every holiday!

Then I made some Peep lollipops - just put a lollipop stick in the Peep - put in a plastic bag and tie with ribbon. This is super easy! Have the kids make these and put them in a basket, vase or at each place setting.

I put the Christmas Tree Peeps on popsicle sticks and wrote "Oh Christmas Tree" on the stick with a green pen.