Thursday, December 15, 2011

Creative Gift Wrap For Football Fans

Sometimes more is more! On Friday my son is going to a birthday party and his friend is a football player. My son plays basketball and baseball - so sometimes when I need baseball stickers - the sticker set comes with football and soccer stickers. Although he doesn't play football or soccer - many of his friend do and I save these items for gift wrap, the Super Bowl and Soccer play offs!

Our package is wrapped with brown paper and tied with three different sizes of white ribbon. I used two sizes of football stickers. Then I tied on a small package of football candy and there is a Rolo cigar taped in the upper right hand corner. Everyone should have a cigar on their birthday! I used a football ornament to write the "to and from" with a Sharpie pen.

Close up of Rolo cigar.

I used some football beads to tie at the end of the thin ribbons.

I hope this inspires you to wrap your gifts - using the "more is more" approach!