Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shark Week Rice Crispy Treats

Today I made some Shark Week themed Rice Crispy Treats.

I dipped the popsicle stick in the melted chocolate and wedged it carefully into the Rice Crispy treat. I waited for the chocolate dipped popsicle stick to dry. Then I dipped the Rice Crispy treat into the melted blue chocolate and added some blue sugar at the top and a gummy blue shark.

I also made some Goldfish treats. On the shark popsicle sticks I wrote Shark Week and on the Goldfish sticks I wrote  - Here fishy, fishy.

Once the Rice Crispy Treats were dry I packaged them in little bags and tied them with ribbon.

These would be a great treat for a pool party or to bring to the beach in a cooler for a snack.

Shark Bait - Who Ha Ha!