Friday, August 5, 2011

Basketball Lollipops

This Sunday is my son's last basketball summer league game and he has a double header. A game at 11 and a game at 1. So in between games we will grab a quick bite - we won't have time to come home. So I wondered what treat could I bring for the boys that wouldn't melt and become a hot mess in the airless, humid gym?

Then I remembered some baseball lollipops that I had made.....and I decided to make basketball lollipops.

You just need a few things - a flat lollipop, orange paper cut into circles, a black Sharpie pen and tape.

Using my circle punch - I punched out my orange circles. If you don't have a circle puncher - use a circle cookie cutter or trace a glass and cut the circles out by hand.

 Use a Sharpie pen to make the lines on the basketballs.

Then tape the basketball on to the flat lollipop.

This is the back of the lollipop.

This is a quick and easy project that anyone can make. You could also customize the lollipops to look like tennis, soccer or volleyballs.