Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Clothespins Painted to Look Like Pencils

I made a ton of these pencil clothespins for Meals on Wheels. They were so easy to make.

Supply List:


yellow paint

pink paint

paint brush

black Sharpie pen


Paint the back side of the clothespin yellow.

Once the back of the clothespin is dry - turn it over and paint the top of the clothespin pink.

Then paint the body of the pencil  yellow - leaving a space at the bottom for the pencil point.

Once the yellow and pink paint is dry - take the Sharpie and make a line between the eraser an pencil and draw a squiggle line and pencil point.

This was a fun craft. If I wasn't making a ton of these I would have added a number 2 to the pencils.

These can be used for chip clips, photos, school papers etc.