Thursday, August 10, 2017

You Are My Sunshine - for Meals on Wheels

I made 50 of these little felt suns for Meals on Wheels. I am going to package them with lyrics to "You are my Sunshine."

I have been in vacation mode all summer - so whenever I am home doing vacation laundry I work on this little project.  I know that they will love this little gift.

I found the instructions and template on Unfortunately, because I was making 50 of these I  had to delete some of the steps. Laura's at bugs and fishes are so much cuter than mine. I didn't sew the orange pieces to each other and I didn't  stuff the yellow sun face before sewing them shut.

This would be a good service project for pre-teen and teenagers to make for a senior center.

Supply List:

yellow felt

orange pen

orange felt

brown pen

black Sharpie pen

yellow embroidery thread

black embroidery thread


black seed beads

small sharp scissors

template from

glue stick

thin piece of cardboard


I used a glue stick to adhere the template to a thin piece of cardboard. Each sunshine needs two round pieces of yellow felt. Trace them with an orange pen.

Each sunshine also needs two pieces of orange felt sun rays. Trace them with a brown pen.

Once the sun rays have been cutout the front is stitched like the above picture with yellow thread.

Using a black Sharpie pen lightly make a face. The front of the sun will get black seed beads sewn onto the black dots and a tight running stitch for the mouth with black thread.

So this is what each sunshine needs and sewn in this order.

Using yellow thread sew the top pieces onto the bottom pieces. This is the front.

And this is what the back looks like!

This is such a cheerful project! Tomorrow I need to print out 50 copies of the "You are my Sunshine" lyrics and find cellophane bags for packaging. My goal is drop them off at Meals on Wheels by Tuesday!