Saturday, June 3, 2017

Watermelon Bookmarks for Meals on Wheels

I  made 50 watermelon bookmarks for Meals on Wheels. It is a summer reading bookmark. This would be an awesome project for any charitable group to make for a retirement home or Meals on Wheels. Hosting a book drive to go along with the bookmarks would be a wonderful idea.

When I was in Junior League we often had book drives for underprivileged children. Book drives are so important. Many children in lower income households don't have access to books and can fall behind in reading. And it is so important for the elderly to keep their minds engaged.

Supply List:

red felt

green felt

black seed beads

tennis can lid

juice bottle lid

black pen


black embroidery thread


black ribbon

I cut green felt circles with a tennis ball can lid and red circles with a lid from a bottle of orange juice.  Just find cookie cutters, jar lids or glasses that you can trace.

Cut the green circles in half.

Cut the red felt in half.

Make sure that the felt pieces look like a proportional watermelon.

Sew the black seed beads onto the felt pieces.

Then sew the red piece onto the green piece with black thread using a running stitch.

Cut the black ribbon into 10-inch pieces. 

Sew the ribbon onto the back of the watermelon using a small stitch on the green felt only.

It took along time to make 50 bookmarks. So I made a few extra for me!