Friday, March 31, 2017

Wire and Bead Crosses

This is an easy craft for older children to make during this Lenten season. I used beads that I had in my craft cabinet. I wished that I had brown beads - but no such luck.  These crosses would also be nice to include in an Easter basket.

Supply List:

20 gauge wire

24 gauge wire

Colorful beads

Silver spacer beads

Wire cutters

Long nose needle pliers

The wire can be purchased in the bead section of most craft stores. 

Cut a 2" and 3" piece of 20 gauge wire.

Cut a 4" piece of 24 gauge wire and wrap it around the area were the pieces meet to make the cross. Twist the wire around 3 or 4 times. Trim the ends and twist around withe the needle nose pliers.

Start beading with beads and spacers. Cut the wire ends so they are 1/4" long and using the needle nose pliers  twist into a small loop.

Cut a 12" piece of 24 gauge wire. Start winding the wire around the beads top to bottom and side to side. This step really stabilizes the cross.

These can be used to make Christmas ornaments, bookmarks and necklaces. You can make the crosses smaller or larger - whatever you prefer.

I  am planning on using these on a cake or a cupcakes.