Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Felt Wine Glass Ornament

Red or white? I actually bought some pink sequins and plan on making some more in a few weeks.

Supply List:

Felt in gray, red and cream

Embroidery thread in gray, red and cream

Embroidery needle

5mm silver bugle beads

Clear and red sequins

Cotton balls for stuffing

Thin white or silver ribbon


Pattern on

Cut 2 gray felt glasses for each ornament.  In order to cut felt I trace the pattern onto freezer paper. If you want to use this method - simply google cutting felt and you will get the step by step directions.

Cut red and cream half moon shapes. Cut one for each ornament.

Sew red and cream sequins onto each half moon. I found sewing the sequins oddly relaxing.

On the website where I found this idea - they actually sewed a small seed bead on top of the sequin. I choose to omit this step.

Using a blanket stitch sew the sequin half moon shapes onto the gray felt. And sew the glass with silver bugle beads.

I am a red wine drinker. But I think the white wine ornament is really pretty and understated.

Once the sequin piece is sewn on and the bugle beads sewn around the glass - they can be sewn to the bottom piece.

Tack a ribbon loop to the bottom piece before sewing the two pieces together.

Before sewing the two pieces shut with a blanket stitch stuff them with stretched out cotton balls.

These would be awesome party favors for a wine tasting party. They would also look nice looped around a bottle of wine that you are bringing as a hostess gift.

A set of six would also be a nice Christmas gift for your wine loving friends.