Friday, July 1, 2016

Felt Bumble Bees for Meals on Wheels

Supply List:

Yellow felt

White felt

Black felt

Egg or oval  shaped cookie cutter

Black Marker

Small black seed beads

Black embroidery thread

Yellow embroidery thread




Trace the egg/oval cookie cutter onto the yellow felt and curt out two ovals for each bee.

Then on the front oval use black embroidery thread to sew on two  beads for eyes then sew a smile and two lines.

Make a template for the wings and cut out one set of white felt wings for each bumble bee.

Cut super thin black felt strips.  Cut 1-inch pieces of the black felt strips. Each bumble bee will need two 1-inch pieces.

Set the wings between the two felt ovals and add the two pieces of thin black felt.

Thread the needle with yellow embroidery and using a running stitch start sewing around the yellow felt ovals making sure to adhere the black atenae. 

Once all the pieces have been cut it is super easy to sew everything togather. 

Bee Happy! Bee fun! Bee helpful!