Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ugly Sweater Christmas Ornaments

I felt like crafting! So I started making Christmas ornaments. Christmas in July is the official name for this!

Supply List:


fabric pen


embroidery thread

embroidery needle


fabric glue


wire tweezers

wire cutters


Make a little shirt pattern and start tracing the shirt pattern on to felt.

Start cutting out the shirts with sharp scissors. 

Each ornament needs 2 felt shirts and a wire hanger.

Using a piece of wire - twist into a hanger shape that fits the shape of your shirt. I only had red wire - but silver or black wire would have looked better. 

The hangers were really simple to make.  It might help to make a hanger template on a pice of paper and use that to make all of teenagers the same size.

Using a contrasting embroidery thread sew the two shirts together with the hanger included. 

Using some Christmas themed stickers and little rhinestones. Add some fabric glue and embellish the felt sweaters.

The more little embellishments added make the sweater look "uglier." These are so fun to make! I am thinking packaging up 3 or 5 sweaters about giving them for hostess gifts. I also like to bring everyone an ornament - whenever I go to holiday lunches.