Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tennis Ball Christmas Tree ornaments

Tomorrow is our tennis team is having a holiday round robin and lunch. Fingers crossed - no rain and that the courts dry enough so that we can play. I made everyone a tennis ball Christmas ornament. But you could make these ornaments into almost any sport I could easily make them into baseballs, basketballs or soccer balls.

I was really looking forward to playing tennis today but the ladies that went to the club before me said that the courts had huge puddles. So our match against San Clemente was cancelled.

Supply list:

wooden round and heart shaped pieces


large sponge brush

fine paint brush 


paper clip

hot glue gun/glue



vinyl letters/sticker

Modge Podge

coordinating ribbon

I bought these wooden pieces at Michael's  I think they were something like .29  each.

On top of pieces of recycled cardboard - I painted the front and back of each wooden piece in yellow.

With a fine tipped paint brush I painted a white squiggle line.

On the back of each ornament I hot glue gunned a paper clip.

On the back of each ornament I Modge Podged a label with the club and team name.

On the front of each ornament I Modge Podged some vinyl letters and tied a ribbon onto the paper clip.

Here is picture of an ornament on my tree!

I think these ornaments came out really cute and they have that imperfect homemade look!

I made both heart and round shaped tennis balls!

Merry Christmas! I hope that between chauffeuring my son to basketball tournaments, games and practiced that I can still play a little tennis.