Monday, December 15, 2014

Handmade Charlie Brown Christmas Ornaments

One of our family's favorite Christmas movies is "A Charlie Brown Christmas." It is also the soundtrack that we listen to when we decorate the tree and open presents on Christmas morning.

 One year we took our kids to Knott's Berry Farm when they were very young. Before we left we took the kids into the giant gift shop and told them that they could pick out a treat. Our son picked out the Charlie Brown t-shirt and wore it until it was threadbare. At one point he refused to wear shoes - but I took him to Nordstrom and showed him the shoes that Charlie Brown wore and sure enough he wore his Charlie Brown shoes with his Charlie Brown shirt.

So I was looking on Pinterest one day and saw these adorable Charlie Brown ornaments on I fell in love with her felt ornaments and decided to make my own. The only problem was that she hand embroidered the faces but used a sewing machine for everything else. I do not have a sewing machine. So I hand sewed my entire project. I followed the A Little Gray's tutorial and improvised. I could have asked one of my friends if I could come over and use their sewing machine. Actually I think I only have one friend with a sewing machine (FYI it is Julie!). But I get frustrated with the needle and the bobbin and the curved lines of the faces would probably send me over the edge. If you want to learn how to make these ornaments - click on the above link. She even has the pattern you can download.

Just cutting out all of the pieces was a long process.

However,  I had a wonderful and relaxing time sewing these little ornaments. I worked on them for one entire rainy day (no tennis match) so I crafted all day! Plus I don't like to drive in the rain unless absolutely  necessary.

I went a little overboard and made a few extra sets to give away.

I just love it when Linus tells Charlie Brown the true meaning of Christmas. Because I sometimes (no I always)  think that the true meaning of Christmas is lost when everyone is shopping and running around. Instead we should have quiet time everyday to pray and reflect.

Hockey Stick! My little Charlie Brown is now 15 and 6 feet tall. He towers over his older sister. Where did the time go?

Hark the Harold Angels sing! Glory to the newborn King!