Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mittens for Meals on Wheels

I started working on some of my Meals on Wheels holiday projects. Because ins't that what Christmas and Advent are all about?

So I bought 50 pairs of mittens a few days before Thanksgiving! So over the Thanksgiving holiday - I wrapped all 50 pairs of mittens and Noelle tied them with ribbon and we added a little ornament to each package.

So that everyone will get a little wrapped treat. And mittens in cold weather are a useful item.

On all of the packages I added a little sticker that says, "Stay Warm this Winter."

 In addition to the mittens I also made some Gingerbread Men little mini cards. They will get these a week or so before the mitten gift.

I wrapped them in plastic - so they wouldn't get messy when delivered with the food.

I also made 50 of these little cards. I wrote a note inside each card wishing them a happy holiday. The reason why I post these little Meals on Wheels projects is to inspire others to reach out to their local Senior Centers and Meals on Wheels.