Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Noelle's Birthday Favors

Noelle is playing a basketball tournament on her Birthday. So I always get the girls on the team a party favor for Noelle's actual birthday. And I make cake balls for after the game. It is our tradition.

So we got everyone a Noel lip gloss, Noel hand lotion and Noel hand antibacterial lotion. All from Bath and Body Works. However, the best tip that I am going to give you is that Bath and Body Works will give you free cellophane bags, tags and ribbon just for the asking! I think they only do this during the holiday season - but who cares - I love not digging through my craft box trying to find enough cellophane bags and coordinating ribbon.

So I put the treats in the free cellophane bags and tied them with the free ribbon and placed them in a green basket. Now I am all ready for the actual day of Noelle's Birthday. I have to be organized because Noelle is having a Breakfast at Tiffany party three weeks before her real Birthday.

I use this green gingham basket at Christmas, Easter and St. Patrick's Day!

I love being prepared and organized. Also we have learned in year's past - they sell out of the Noel Vanilla Bean items rather quickly.

This would be a cute idea for a holiday party favor or if you were planning on giving small gifts to the crossing guard, teachers aid, babysitters etc.