Saturday, October 9, 2010

Witches Broom Favors

I got these Witches Broom Kits at Michael's in the Martha Stewart craft section.

They came with an inner bag for treats, a shredded outer bag, twigs and black twine.

I bought chocolate covered pretzels, mini pumpkin candy, candy corn and orange malt balls to fill the inner treat bag.

I mixed the treats in a big bowl and started filling the inner bags, placing the stick inside, and popped the inner bag into the shredded outer bag and tied with the black twine.

It took about a half hour to make twelve bags. Each kit came with enough supplies to make 6 bags.

I gave these to some of the ladies who teach religion class with me and of course to the ladies on my tennis team! Everyone loved them! They look really difficult to make but they were super easy!

That is what my blog is all about - simple and easy. Also I bought all of the treats for the inside bag at Henry's.  But you could buy the treats at Target or your favorite grocery store.

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