Friday, August 20, 2010

New Dining Room Chair Fabric

Okay - so my current dining room chairs have been recovered in a red and beige toile for about five years and I have grown tired of the fabric. It is more of a formal look and I am more of a casual decorator.

Last spring Sandee and I went to an open house and the dining room was to die for - in white and navy blue. We both wanted to go home and paint our dining rooms navy blue ( it screamed class!).  However, my husband doesn't want to repaint or hire a painter - so I am going to live with the red which I really do love. My next house will have the navy and white dining room.

So I went to the fabric store and purchased two polka dot fabrics.  Since the wall below the chair rail  in the dining room is red I decided to stick a red and white fabric. So I brought home a small polka dot fabric and a large polka dot - thinking that my husband would like the smaller print.

But we had a family vote and everyone voted for the large polka dot! I was shocked! So this week I am going to buy enough large polka dot fabric to redo all of the dining chairs. So be on the lookout for photos of my new cheerful dining room.
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