Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Preparing to Substitute Teach 4th Grade Religion Class

May is the the month of Mary. Sometimes the teacher doesn't leave me enough worksheet/reading to teach the class. So I bring a lot of my own worksheets and coloring sheets.

And I usually decide on a theme like "Our Holy Mother Mary" to teach the class.

I downloaded  a bunch of pictures of Mary.

And found some Rosary's for the children in my Religion box.

I found all the prayers of the Rosary and the mysteries on one sheet of paper.

And this awesome Rosary worksheet.

I made some Rosary cookies for a middle of the class snack.

I made some pretty beaded crosses to glue onto Hershey bars for a take home treat.

I found the wooden crosses at Hobby Lobby. And hot glued beads from my craft cabinet.

The beads are often on sale at Michael's and JoAnne's.

When I was gathering all of my supplies this Beatles song was on my mind - "When I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom - Let it be."

Simply wrap the Hershey bar with a heavy card stock and glue the cross onto the front of the candy bar.

These candy bars would also make cute party favors for a baptism or first communion.

Also while I was starting to write this post I was watching "Sister Act" - it is one of my favorite movies.