Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tennis Ball Sachets for a Charity Tennis Tournament

I made some tennis ball sachets - they are party favors for a charity tennis event.

Supply List:

lid from can of tennis balls

white pen

yellow felt


black embroidery thread

white embroidery thread

yellow embroidery thread

embroidery needle

sachet filler


Trace the lid of a tennis ball can with a white pen onto the yellow felt and carefully cut out the circles.

On the front of the tennis ball - sew a white looped line in white and Penn in black thread.

Sew the front piece onto a yellow plain piece with yellow thread. Before sewing the tennis ball closed add some sachet filler. Then sew the tennis ball closed and tie off with a small knot.

I bought the sachet filler at Micheals. 

These tennis balls make great party favors. They can be kept in a tennis bag or a lingree drawer.

I placed them in cellophane bags and tied off with a black ribbon.

You could also make these sachets into baseballs with white felt and red thread or basketballs with orange felt and black thread. 

Tennis Anyone?