Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Felt Envelope For Valentine Gift Cards

I started making little Valentine felt envelopes for gift cards. They are so easy and fun to make.

Supply List:

felt in pink and red

contrasting embroidery thread






Cut a piece of felt into a rectangle. I cut mine into 8" x 4" and 10" x 4".

Fold the felt rectangle in half and cut the top into a point.

Now the envelope can be folded into thirds.

 Stitch the bottom with a running stitch.

Fold the bottom up about one third and start stitching around the edge, bottom, sides and all the way up over the point with a running stitch. Sew a button over the point.

If you don't have any buttons - a felt heart can be sewn over the point.

On the above envelopes I forgot to sew the bottom - but the envlopes work the same.

I am planning on making these little felt gift card envelopes for birthdays and other holidays. 

These little envelopes can be used for gift cards, love notes or a sweet candy treat. Happy Valentine's Day!