Monday, November 14, 2016

Mini Turkeys Made with Hershey Nuggets

These little Turkeys are so easy to make and I had a lot of Hershey nuggets leftover from when I made bats for Halloween and Bibles for religion class.

Supply List:

Hershey nuggets

Brown lunch bags

Brown card stock

Orange card stock

Brown printed scrapbook paper

Orange printed scrapbook paper

Green printed scrapbook paper

1 1/2 inch round punch

2 1/2 inch scalloped punch


Google eyes

Small glue dots

Scotch tape


Lay out your Hershey nuggets.

Cut strips of brown lunch bags - and cut into 1-inch by 3-inch strips and tape around the Hershey nugget.

Punch the brown card stock with the 1 1/2 -inch circle punch. Using small glue dots affix the goo ogle eyes and an orange beak.

Using a loop of scotch tape affix the head to the front of the Hershey nugget.

Cut out the patterned scrapbook paper with the scalloped punch. 

Cut the scalloped circles in half and tape them together in a staggered pattern. Using a tape loop apply the scalloped circles to the back of the Hershey nugget.

These were so simple to make and would be cute on a Thanksgiving table or to bring to the classroom for a little treat.

Happy Thanksgiving!