Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fall Themed Bracelets - Thanksgiving Party Favors

I started making some Fall themed bracelets for Thanksgiving party favors. These could also be made into napkin rings,

These are so fun to make - I spend the afternoon beading.

Supply List:

Stretch Magic elastic 

Beads in fall colors

One large bead for each bracelet


Clear nail polish


Cut a 10 or 11-inch piece of Stretch Magic and tie an odd bead about one inch onto the end of the string.

Start with the large bead and then add the fall themed beads. remove the odd end bead. When the bracelet is the desired sized tie off several times as close to the big bead as possible.

Add a dab or two of clear nail polish to the knot. Let the nail polish dry. Test the bracelet on your wrist. Then cut the ealastic as  close to the big bead as possible.

I also made some peace sign bracelets.

I was thinking of making some Christmas bracelets and tie them onto packages.

Happy Thanksgiving!