Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mom Sachets

I make these almost every year. They are the perfect Mother's Day party favor. I try to make them in different colors every year. They look really pretty in a basket or added to the top of a gift. Since they are all hand sewn they would be perfect for older kids to make.

Supply List:

Felt in a spring color

Coordinating embroidery thread

Coordinating button



Two different sized heart cookie cutters

Black pen

Dried Lavender or other sachet filing


Trace the hearts with a pen onto the felt. Each sachet needs two large hearts and one small heart.

I used this dried lavender to fill the sachets - I thought it was perfect with the purple felt.

On the small heart hand sew a MOM with a button for the "O." Then sew the small heart onto a big heart. Before the heart is completely sewn together add a tablespoon of the lavender.

Then sew the two large hearts together and before it is completely sewn shut add enough dried lavender to fill the heart and finish sewing closed.

These are so easy to make and a perfect party favor. Mom can put this in a drawer or linen cabinet. 

Tina's birthday is near Mother's Day  - so I added a Mother's Day sachet to her gift.