Friday, March 6, 2015

I am Lucky to Have You in My Class

I substitute teach Religion classes 1st through 5th grade. Lately I have been teaching the same 5th grade every week. I no longer need to use the name tags I know everyone's name and the kids in the class are really smart . This week we were going over the Ten Commandments and Monsignor John came into our class. You could have heard a pin drop! He asked the class some questions and no one raised their hand. It was so embarrassing. However, we got through it! And the kids all got a little treat because they are such a great class! Plus, I get it - no one wants to say the wrong answer in front of Monsignor John.

I simply put some Lucky Charm cereal into cellophane bags and found a free pre made tag that I printed out and stapled the tag to top of the bag. I found the tags on teachingblogaddict and she has many freebie tags that you can print out for your classroom.