Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Themed Hershey Bars

My son had another basketball fundraiser - he had to sell these school themed basketball sox.

I put the sox some of my social media accounts and offered a Halloween themed candy bar with each sock order! 

Using some orange patterned scrapbook paper - I wrapped the candy bar. Then i used a piece of ribbon and Halloween sticker to decorate the middle.

If you can't find orange scrapbook paper - you could also use some Halloween themed wrapping paper. Check your ribbon stash before you head to the store. The tiny trick or treat sized Hershey bars would be cute decorated for a classroom party!

Yes, we sold all the sox! Now we are collecting sox and coats for homeless centers, old tennis shoes (they grind them up to make sport courts in low income areas) and soon we will be collecting can goods for a food pantry. This is all for the basketball team!