Thursday, July 24, 2014

Swimming By To Say Hi! A Meals on Wheels Treat!

I started making these little felt fish last week. It takes me about a half hour to sew three fish. Whenever I make something for Meals on Wheels - I make at least 50 treats. Often I make around 53 just in case a few more ladies or gentleman decided that they need Meals on Wheels.

To make this project you will need:

Orange felt

Fish cookie cutter or template

Black pen


Black embroidery thread

Small black bead

Cotton balls

Cellophane bag




Using a fish cookie cutter or template trace the image both forward and backward on the orange felt.

When the two sides are sewn together - the black marked sides should be sewn inward.

My little fish template is something that I was using when teaching Religion class many years ago. I am not sure when and where I bought this little fish that I traced for this project.

First I sew the eye on the top piece of felt - then continue sewing the two pieces together. Before the fish is sewn shut add a few cotton balls.

Once all the fish were made (50+) I started to package them.

I found these cellophane bags at Michael's and they sort of look like a goldfish bowl.

I blew into the cellophane bag and quickly tied it with a ribbon. On the back of the bag is a little label that said "Swimming say hi! This is going to be a late August Meals on Wheels treat.

These little fish would be cute to make for a birthday party with a fishing theme or a Religion class.